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We've Still Got A Job To Do!

March 14, 2013 - 11:17am by Susan Wheeler

Howard Scott U.S.A. 1902-1983

We Still Have a Big Job to Do! 1943

U.S. Government Printing Office for the U.S. Navy, Industrial Incentive Division

Purchased through the John F. Fulton Fund 2012

During World War II, the Industrial Incentive Division of the U.S. Navy sought to improve morale among workers in U.S. industrial plants by emphasizing the importance of the plant’s products in the overall war effort. The morale initiative, begun in May of 1943, employed audio interviews and other messages piped in through speaker systems in the workplace;  exhibited combat action photographs, specially commissioned posters and combat motion pictures in the workplace; and arranged for returned combat personnel to visit the plants engaged in war production.

This recently acquired poster, created to boost the morale of defense industry workers during World War II, is on view through April 12, 2013