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CogNet (MIT Press)

MIT CogNet is an electronic community for the cognitive and brain sciences. CogNet brings together current and classic resources in the field and provides services and utilities to enhance research, collaboration and teaching. Full texts of major references works include The MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences, The New Cognitive Neurosciences, Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, and the Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks. Also included is 400 searchable full text books from MIT Press as well as full text of MIT Press Journals in the field of cognitive and brain sciences. Also includes database access to bibliographic and some abstract information for books, journals, reference works, conference proceedings and grey literature in the field. Users from Yale IP addresses are automatically identified as Yale Guests and have full access to CogNet resources. A user may choose to register in order to create a Curriculum Vitae, bibliography, and notification settings. In the CogNet Library, the full texts of all books and MIT journals are available. For journals not affiliated with MIT, only the abstracts are available for free.