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Biomedical Resources Browse by Title: L

Curated research guide with library tools and databases for laboratory medicine.

The Leadership Library is a personnel contact database of the institutional leadership of the United States, integrating 14 "Yellow Book" directories with information on more than 400,000 individuals leading U.S. government, business, professional, and nonprofit organizations.

Curated research guide with library tools and databases for LGBTQI health.

LILACS offers access to the scientific and technical literature of Latin America and the Caribbean. The site is available in multiple languages and covers a variety of information formats, such as journal articles and theses.

Litt’s Drug Eruption and Reaction (D.E.R.M.) Database allows you to search the profiles of generic and trade name drugs, while also providing references that link directly to PubMed. The database is This resource covers adverse reactions from all angles with information on skin, hair, nails, mucosal, cardiovascular, central nervous system, neuromuscular/skeletal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrine/metabolic, hematologic, renal, genitourinary, otic, ocular, local and other. It also identifies potentially hazardous drug-drug interactions.