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Full Access to JoVE Journal

February 9, 2023 - 1:28pm by Dana Haugh

After years of requests for video content, the Medical and Marx libraries have extended access to JoVE, the peer-reviewed scientific video journal formerly known as the Journal of Visualized Experiments. Yale now has access to the full JoVE Journal, including all specialties. 

“Yale faculty have contributed to many JoVE clinical skills videos and as such we trust that the content aligns with our teaching. We use the JoVE videos to support our physical examination curriculum and are glad to have expanded access through the library.”

- Joseph Donroe, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine

In addition, we have a trial subscription for a year to JoVE’s educational videos, which include many clinical skills and physical examination videos. Many Yale authors are publishing in JoVE and some of the clinical skills videos were produced by Yale faculty.

Quick facts about JoVE:

  • Contains over 16,000 videos across a variety of disciplines and medical specialties including biology, genetics, and neuroscience
  • Customized video playlists in JoVE can directly map to course syllabi or training programs
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