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New Exhibition on Hip Replacement Surgery

February 1, 2022 - 1:42pm by Melissa Grafe

Innovation & Evolution in Hip Replacement Surgery:
Highlights from the Keggi–Rubin Hip Implant Collection at Yale University 

On view in the Cushing Rotunda, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
January 28th - April 29th, 2022

steel hip replacement item three people installing the exhibition items in glasses cases in the medical library rotunda steel hip replacement items showing steel ball and steel socket  

This exhibit explores the evolution of hip replacement surgery through historic implants selected from the new Keggi—Rubin Hip Implant Collection at Yale University. The displayed implants trace the trials, innovations, successes, and failures of hip replacement surgery over time, providing insight into the dynamic world of surgical history. By archiving and studying these implants, one can witness the remarkable changes that have resulted from design, engineering, biomaterials, manufacturing, and technological advances over nearly a century.

The evolution of total hip replacement has been possible thanks to the timeless contributions and collaborations of many dedicated surgeons, researchers, engineers, industry experts, and manufacturers over the past 70 years.

Exhibition case containing hip replacement surgery items with two orthopedists posed on either sideThis exhibition was organized by Marguerite “Maggie” Gilmore, College of the Holy Cross; Daniel H. Wiznia, MD, Assistant Professor; Kristaps J. Keggi, MD, Professor Emeritus; and Lee E. Rubin, MD, Associate Professor, with the assistance of Melissa Grafe, Ph.D. 

Multiple donors contributed materials to the collection.  An online exhibition is available to explore, containing additional content from the collection.