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Nursing at 90

Sep 19, 2013

A celebration of the Yale School of Nursing Alumni. The exhibit highlights the contributions of the Nursing program and its graduates to Yale, the profession, and the world. Curated by Janene Batten with the help of Melissa Grafe.  On view in the Medical Library foyer until January 10, 2014. In addition, as part of the 90th Anniversary of the Yale School of Nursing the Cushing/Whitney Medical... Read More

Grant Forward

Sep 16, 2013

Need funding?  Get acquainted with a new funding opportunities search engine, Grant Forward.  Use the Researcher Profiles feature to upload your research interests, publication history, and CV. The Profile feature will then search sources that match your interests and provide you with relevant funding opportunities.  You can edit, update, and export information in seconds. Create a user account... Read More

Clinical Evidence

Aug 16, 2013

Clinical Evidence is an international database of high-quality, rigorously developed systematic overviews assessing the benefits and harms of treatments,  a suite of EBM resources. What is EBM? Simply put, evidence-based medicine (EBM) means applying current best evidence to clinical decision making.  In practice, this means integrating that evidence with individual clinical expertise and the... Read More

New Medical Library Exhibits

Jul 22, 2013

The Sexual Revolution and Movie Thrillers with Medical Themes In the Hallway 8 Interesting Objects Selected from the Historical Collections In the Rotunda Join us for a tour of the exhibiton Wednesday, July 31 at 12 noon With Curator Susan Wheeler Selections from the New Global Health Collection In the Foyer   On view until September 15, 2013 Please join us for a tour of the exhibits with... Read More

A Vietnam War Surgeon Writes Home

Jun 17, 2013

The Kristaps J. Keggi Vietnam War service collection, recently donated to the Historical Medical Library, contains the complete correspondence between Dr. Kristaps J. Keggi and his wife, Julie, during his time as a surgeon in the Vietnam War. The materials were all donated by Dr. Keggi, the current Elihu Professor in Orthopedics at Yale School of Medicine. The scope of the collection—personal... Read More

Access Medicine

May 1, 2013

AccessMedicine is an innovative online resource that provides students, residents, clinicians, researchers, and health professionals with access to more than 75 medical titles in medicine, thousands of images and illustrations, interactive self-assessment, case files, time-saving diagnostic and point-of-care tools, a comprehensive search platform, and the ability to view from and download content... Read More

Unveiling Medicine’s Past: Medical Historical Collections Online

Apr 19, 2013

The Medical Historical Library’s digital collection includes School of Medicine photographs, portraits of 16th Century anatomist Andreas Vesalius, Harvey Cushing, and others, medical and surgical instruments, prints, posters, and drawings, and much more!  Recently, thousands of medical works from the 19th and early 20th centuries have been added to the Medical Heritage Library, an online resource... Read More

New Reading Room

Apr 16, 2013

After a complete remodeling, the Medical Historical Library's office and new secure reading room is officially open.  Our new public hours will be from 10-noon, and 1-4:30, Monday through Friday. This project caps a larger Historical Library renovation, beginning several years ago with an overhaul of the Medical Historical locked stacks and work areas.  New environmental controls and security... Read More

The Crack Up by Corporal Wayne Seese

Apr 4, 2013

 Wayne Seese U.S.A. 1918-1980             The Crack Up, c.1946       Watercolor Bequest of Clements C. Fry 1955 “Combat Art,” created by designated soldier artists, was widely exhibited during World War II and also illustrated popular publications such as LIFE magazine.    Clements C. Fry, Yale psychiatrist and collector, purchased this drawing in 1946 after having seen it in an exhibition in  ... Read More

Clinical Key

Apr 2, 2013

A Great New Resource to Try! ClinicalKey includes all of this and more: Medical and Surgical Clinics of North America First Consult point-of-care clinical monographs Procedures Consult content and associated videos Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs More medical and surgical journals and books And over 9,000 medical and surgical videos Here’s how to use it: Add your topic in the search box... Read More