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Personal Librarian for Students

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School of Medicine

Resources forMedical Student Success

courtney brombosz

Courtney Hadley

School of Public Health

Resources for: Public Health

kate nyhan

Kate Nyhan

School of Nursing

Resources for: Nursing

janene batten

Janene Batten


Resources for: Bioinformatics

rolando garcia milian

Rolando Garcia-Milian

sofia fertuzinhos

Sofia Fertuzinhos

PA/PA Online

Resources forPA Program | PA Online Program

caitlin meyer

Caitlin Meyer

What is The Personal Librarian Program?

The Personal Librarian Program gives you a direct contact in the library. We provide you with reliable information and clear direction at all stages of your journey here at the Yale School of Medicine. If we don’t know the answer, we'll find someone who does.

History of the Program

The program was conceived in 1996 by Jan Glover and Judy Spak as a novel way to reach out to students in the medical center (read their article). The program matches students with a librarian as they matriculate – a relationship that is maintained throughout the student’s journey at Yale. The model has been adopted by the Yale Library system and other universities.

When should I reach out to my Personal Librarian?

Here are a few ways Personal Librarians have been used in the past:

  • One-on-one or small group instruction on databases and tools

  • Guide you to specific resources as your research and learning needs evolve

  • Connect you with other university staff and faculty

  • Consult about research projects

  • Help articulate good research or clinical questions

  • Develop strong search strategies

  • Help get materials