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Important Changes to the Printing/Copying System

June 25, 2014 - 6:54pm by Mark Gentry


On June 24 we changed our printing/copying/scanning system from UniPrint to Papercut.  The interface for users on both the computer and the multifunction devices have changed.  The YPPS BluePrint service now uses Papercut exclusively throughout all campus locations.  

  •  Yale University users had the balance of their UniPrint accounts automatically transferred to a PaperCut account.  Anyone with a Yale NetID now has a Papercut (aka BluePrint) account.
  • YNHH staff or other non-Yale users with a Guest Account (an account that starts with ! ) will need to manually transfer the funds from their old UniPrint account to a PaperCut account.   If you don’t already have a Papercut account, you’ll need to set one up first.  Go to  the YPPS main page and navigate to the Papercut “Account Mangement” page to create a PaperCut account or transfer your UniPrint balance.
  •  There are two PaperCut print queues: BluePrint_BW … (aka \\paperc-prd-ps3.yu.yale.edu\BluePrint_BW) and BluePrint_Color… (aka \\paperc-prd-ps3.yu.yale.edu\BluePrint_Color)  If the default printer on your computer says YalePrint or UniPrint, you MUST change it to one of the PaperCut queues or it will go into the ether.
  • To print from your personal laptop you will need to install the PaperCut client from the Yale software library:
  •  Add value to your PaperCut account through the YPPS Website: https://ypps.yale.edu

If there are problems with your PaperCut Account (e.g. funds did not automatically transfer from UniPrint or the balance seems incorrect, etc.) contact YPPS at BluePrint@yale.edu or (203) 432-6560