Comprehensive Search Service

Librarians can partner with Yale & YNHH faculty and staff to co-author systematic reviews, scoping reviews, or other comprehensive literature searches. Some of the librarian's roles are listed below. 

To request an appointment with a librarian, please fill out the Comprehensive Search Services form.

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Librarian Roles

Question formulation

  • Feedback on framing of research question

Guidance with development processes

  • Guidance on timelines, skills and competencies required to complete a systematic review
  • Referral to relevant reporting guidelines/standards
  • Referral to relevant handbooks, training modules, and guidance documents

Protocol development

  • Instruction on where to find existing protocols
  • Identification of example protocols
  • Identification of existing systematic reviews on the same topic (if any)
  • Search methodology for protocol
  • Feedback on protocol

Search strategy

  • Translation of research question into draft search strategy
  • Peer review of search strategies
  • Advice on relevant electronic databases and sources to search
  • Execution of search in all relevant databases
  • Searching of grey literature

Bibliographic organization tools

  • Import of all search results into EndNote, de-duplication and export to preferred format
  • Advice on using EndNote, manuscript templates, organizing citations, etc

Manuscript development (for librarian co-authored projects only)

  • Develop search appendix
  • Write search methodology for publication
  • Review full manuscript

Support from library staff (for librarian co-authored projects only)

  • Retrieving full-text articles from Yale collections
  • Ordering interlibrary loan articles