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EndNote 20 is here!

August 6, 2021 - 9:40am by Caitlin Meyer


EndNote 20 logo


As of this month, the library is officially supporting EndNote 20! Classes will be taught in 20 and we encourage you to upgrade to best follow along and take advantage of the software’s new functionalities.

What’s the difference between X9 and 20?

Some of the the biggest differences between the versions are visual: new icons, reorganized menus, and more space between references for easier reading. Notable changes include the Word icons from X9 now living as menu options under Tools and the integrated library view (local, shared, and online) being the default. If the new font size is too big for your screen, you can modify it by heading to Preferences -> Display Font.   

Various processes are now more intuitive, such as modifying references and copying formatted citations. There is an explicit Edit button in the right-side reference pane that also facilitates text formatting that was previously complicated (like making text superscript or bold). The Copy Formatted menu option still exists under Reference but there is now a button next to the preview of the formatted reference as well.

On the technical side, 20 enables deduplication by DOI and PMCID as well as further integrates Web of Science citation report functions.

Things to think about prior to upgrading: 

·      Make sure your computer is compatible. For PCs, EndNote 20 requires at least Windows 10 and Microsoft Word 2010. For Mac users, you’ll need at least OS 10.14 and Microsoft Word 2016.

·      Back up your library. While EndNote libraries are supposed to be forwards-compatible, it’s best to save a compressed version of your EndNote library before upgrading just in case. Head to File, then Compressed Library (.enlx) and modify the file name to include the date of the backup. Email this file to yourself.

·      Consider your collaborators and how you share. While libraries are forwards-compatible, they are no longer backwards compatible beyond X9.3. This means if you have 20 and your colleague has X8, they won’t be able to use the library you send them.

When you decide to upgrade, EndNote 20 is available through the  ITS Software Library. If you’re on a managed machine, contact ITS to install the software.

Check our calendar for upcoming workshops as well as the vendor’s EndNote 20 YouTube series.