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Holiday Pet Photos

December 15, 2020 - 2:35pm by Dana Haugh

To celebrate the holiday season, we asked our staff to send in their best holiday pet photos! Please enjoy this collection of furry friends in their holiday best.

Ashley the dog

WINNER: "Best Christmas Fren" 

Name: Ashley

 Breed: Border Collie/Cho mix

 Age: 10 yrs

 Best gift: Stuffed animals

 Human: Terry Dagradi

Ben the cat

WINNER: "Best Sweater"

 Name: Ben

 Breed: Handsome

 Age: 9 yrs

 Best gift: Catnip-filled fishy

 Human: Dana Haugh

Buster the dog

WINNER: "Best Patient Dog Look"

 Name: Buster "Bud Spud" Norton

 Breed: Mutt

 Age: 6 yrs

 Best gift: Dental sticks

 Human: Melanie Norton

Charlie the dog

WINNER: "Best Underbite"

 Name: Charlie

 Breed: Shih tzu/Lhasa apso mix

 Age: 11 yrs

 Best gift: All the greenies

 Human: Lindsay Barnett

Charlotte the dog

WINNER: "Best Sugarplum Fairy"

 Name: Charlotte

 Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

 Age: 13 yrs

 Best gift: Smelly fish treats

 Human: Judy Spak

Hamilton the cat

WINNER: "Best Fluff"

 Name: Hamilton

 Breed: Blue Russian mix

 Age: 3 yrs

 Best gift: Cat treats

 Human: Dorota Peglow

Jinx the cat

WINNER: "Best Action Shot"

 Name: Jinx

 Breed: Mixed

 Age: 13 yrs

 Best gift: A can of dog food

 Human: Lindsay Barnett

Kilar the cat

WINNER: "Best Santa Hat"

 Name: Kilar

 Breed: Orange Tabby

 Age: 13 yrs

 Best gift: Cat treats

 Human: Dorota Peglow

Lulu the dog

WINNER: "Best Serious Pupper Face"

 Name: Lulu

 Breed: Rescue

 Age: 7 yrs

 Best gift: A box of any kind

 Human: Laura Miller

Molly the dog

WINNER: "Best Yeti Impression"

 Name: Molly

 Breed: Magical mystery rescue

 Age: 10 yrs

 Best gift: A hedgehog or lambchop toy

 Human: Caitlin Meyer

Pumpkin the cat

WINNER: "Best Knitwear"

 Name: Pumpkin

 Breed: Cat

 Age: 5 yrs

 Best gift: Mittens to match scarf and hat

 Human: Holly Grossetta Nardini