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Access to Medical Library Resources from Clinical Locations


Yale University Library electronic resources are accessible from all computers throughout the Yale-New Haven Hospital York Street campus and the Saint Raphael campus so there is no need for remote access for computers on those networks. This also includes locations such as Long Wharf, Shoreline and many YNHH satellite locations. 'Authorized use' is accomplished by IP validation, therefore no logons are needed when on campus.

YNHH Clinical Workstations - Clinical Workstation computers are specially configured with software to access YNHH's clinical systems and provide selected links to information resources on the Clinical Workstation's webpages. To ensure you are using the most current links, we recommend you access e-resources from links on the medical library's website even when on the Clinical Workstations. Because of the Clinical Workstations configuration, there may be occasional problems accessing Internet-based resources from these computers. 

WiFi connections at Yale-New Haven Hospital provide access to all library information resources.  Clinicians are advised to always use one of the secure HSC secure WiFi networks (HSC, YNHH_WPA, etc.) rather than insecure GUEST network.  Login for the YNHH network is your EPIC username and password. If you are unable to connect to a secure network, use your VPN to protect your device and information.

Saint Raphael Campus of YNHH has the same connectivity as the York Street campus. A Clinicians' Study Center is located on the first floor of the Orchard Medical Building (OMB) offers a quiet study space with computers.  Librarians from the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library have an office in this location and are available to meet with students, house staff and clinicians by prior arrangement.


The Medical Library Proxy Server and the Yale University VPN are the primary remote access options for Yale University and Yale-New Haven Hospital affiliates seeking access to restricted Library resources. Make sure you have applied for and received your proxy password before trying to access Yale resources from this or any other location configured for proxy server connectivity.

Users should never share their passwords nor should they save passwords on computers that others use. If you configure a Web browser to use the proxy server, make sure that you "turn off" the proxy so that others are prompted to login. 


  • West Haven VA Hospital
    The West Haven VA Hospital provides access to many excellent online clinical resources including UpToDate, ClinicalKey and Micromedex.  Computers in the clinical areas at the VA do not allow the configuration of proxy or VPN access and can not be used to access Yale-licensed resources.  Full access Access to Yale University resources is available from three Yale School of Medicine Library Research Workstations located in the VA Medical Library (2nd floor of Building One). A Yale NetID is required to logon to the computers.  There are other locations on the VA campus with computers on the Yale University network including one outside the Medicine Chief Resident's office on the 5th floor of Building One. 
  • Bridgeport & Greenwich Hospitals
    The Libraries at these hospitals have collections of print and online resources including UpToDate, AccessMedicine, ClinicalKey and Micromedex.  Yale Clinical Faculty based at these institutions should go through their Hospital Information Services to request that their computer be configured for VPN or proxy access.  The  Secure WiFi network at Bridgeport and Greenwich Hospital will provide you with access to their resources but not Yale resources.  Use the Yale VPN in combination with the WiFi for full access to Yale online sources.
  • Connecticut Mental Health Center
    We have worked with the state of Connecticut's Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to allow Medical Library Proxy Server access from this segment of their network.  VPN access from the State of Connecticut network is not premitted.  In addition to Yale or YNHH employees and trainees, CMHC employees with a Yale affiliation can apply for a proxy server account.


  • Remote Access to Yale-New Haven Hospital Clinical Systems
    None of the remote access methods offered by the Yale School of Medicine will allow you to reach YNHH clinical systems. Yale-New Haven Hospital's primary remote access solution for clinical and administrative patient data is through the Yale New Haven Health Citrix Access Gateway. Although you can access library resources through browsers on this service, it is generally easier, faster and more reliable to use the Medical Library proxy server or the Yale VPN for Library resources. For more information about YNHH remote access, contact the YNHH Help Desk at (203) 688-HELP.