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Action Items

New Users

Master’s Students

PhD Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Invite librarians to a class to teach your students about literature reviews, critical appraisal of scholarly and grey literature, or best practices for citation.
    Some examples of what we can teach include...
    • Annotation
    • Devising a search strategy
      • Concept tables
      • Keyword combinations
      • Citation chaining
      • Improving a search by making it more specific or more sensitive
    • Database searching
      • Databases containing biomedical literature
      • Databases containing social science & multidisciplinary literature
      • Demo of advanced features of a favorite database
      • Which bibliographic database is best for your project
    • Types of literature reviews
      • Common or garden variety lit review (suitable in the intro to a term paper)
      • Systematic review methods
      • Scoping review methods
      • Realist Review methods
      • Interpretive Literature Reviews
    • Searching for certain PH electives
      • Searching for biomedical engineering literature and data
      • Searching for literature and data on public health and the arts
    • An intro to graduate-level research for the BA/BS-MPH cohort
    • Finding and using public health data
    • Using citation managers
    • Using citation managers for collaborations
    • Why we cite (ethics of citation)
    • Searching for (psychometric) instruments: instrument text, validation, translations, alternatives, and permissions
    • Finding and evaluating grey lit
    • Searching databases of news coverage
    • Working with government documents
    • Searching for literature featuring voices from the global south
    • Images + copyright
    • Data sources for metaresearch about publishing
    • Evaluating search strategies in published reviews + metaresearch
    • Media coverage of science/medicine
    • Create a reading list starting from your favorite document(s)
    • Reporting guidelines: for authors, readers, or reviewers
    • Searching for alternatives to animal use in science
    • Reception: what do other scholars say about your favorite document
    • Research data management basics
    • Information for entrepreneurs (industry and market research)
    • Geospatial data sources for social determinants of health
    • Avoid these common mistakes with tabular data
    • Setting up alerts for your favorite topics/authors/papers

  • Make readings available in Canvas with the Medical Library's course reserves service
  • Ask about citation management
  • Consult the Bioinformatics Support Hub for high-throughput data analysis.
  • Consult with Kaitlin Throgmorton for data management support. 
  • Explore the evidence synthesis & literature reviews service to get started on a review.
  • Ask how we can help you maximize your research impact and identify non-traditional research impact areas. 
  • Get support for open access publishing.
  • Set up an ORCiD and populate it with your existing publications
  • Check if you're in compliance with the NIH public access policy, and if you're not, fix it

YSPH Alumni

  • Bookmark the Alumni Resources for the Health Sciences guide, with information about open access tools, as well as clinical, consumer health, and global health resources.
  • Browse open access theses on EliScholar written by public health students.
  • Become a Medical Library Associate to support the Medical Library and reflect on your time as a student at Yale School of Public Health. Medical Library Associates have funded the creation of a digital imaging center, new exhibition cases for the central rotunda, and more. Benefits include access to the Medical Library building, use of print and electronic resources, and borrowing privileges based on membership tier.