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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find articles and books?
Refer to the Yale Library Online YouTube Channel videos 5 & 9 to learn how to use Yale’s QuickSearch to find books and articles.

Do I have access to the New York Times through Yale?
You can read the New York Times AND other subscription news sources for free through Yale University Library.

Why should I download a citation manager?
A citation manager allows you to save sources to a central location, immediately access full-text articles, and create formatted citations in your preferred style (APA, JAMA, and countless others). We recommend two citation softwares: EndNote and Zotero.

How can I come up with a strong research question?
Think about your research question with the PIO or PEO framework in mind. PIO stands for population, intervention, and outcome - and in the ‘E’ variation, ‘E’ means ‘exposure.’ 

What is a narrative review? What is a systematic review? What other review types exist?
Review types depend on the degree of search comprehensiveness, whether there's a formal quality assessment of the study's design, and the type of analysis done (qualitative vs. quantitative). Timeline and team size also matter when deciding on what review type path to take. Learn more about evidence synthesis and types of reviews.

What projects have PH students worked on in the past?
Read past public health student theses in EliScholar

Can you help with my internship?
If one of your internship deliverables is a literature review for your host organization, a librarian can help you set up a project management plan for searching, reading, annotating, and synthesizing scholarly literature. Librarians can also advise on how to present your deliverables to your site supervisor, which might include best practices when creating data visualizations and effective presentations. 

Can you help with my thesis?
You can meet with a librarian 1:1 or drop into office hours to discuss your thesis with us!

Where can I find reporting guideline to help write up my project completely? 
Equator Network

I’m discussing authorship with my collaborators. How should we define the roles of authors and contributors?
ICMJE criteria and CREDIT

Do you have recommended readings for writing code for my research projects? 
Read this paper to learn more about this topic: Wilson G, Bryan J, Cranston K, Kitzes J, Nederbragt L, & Teal TK. (2017). Good enough practices in scientific computing. PLoS Computational Biology, 13(6), e1005510.

What should I know about working with tabular data?
Read this paper to learn more about this topic: Broman KW & Woo KH. (2018). Data organization in spreadsheets. The American Statistician, 72(1), 2–10.