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PROTEOME is an ontology query system with specialized tools for gene set analysis and pathway visualization. PROTEOME includes HumanPSD, a catalog of human genes and their mouse and rat orthologs, with focus on the association of human genes, as biomarkers, with diseases and drugs. HumanPSD is complemented by TRANSPATH, a database on mammalian signal transduction and metabolic pathways, and on protein modifications. In addition, PROTEOME contains protein information on molecular function, biological role, expression pattern and physical and regulatory interaction between proteins and genes for a broad range of species including yeast, worm (Caenorhabditis elegans), and various plant organisms.

Key Capabilities 

  • Explore biologically relevant connections between genes, diseases and drugs
  • Map functional attributes to your uploaded gene set or use the Ontology Browser to select defined sets of genes/molecules
  • Functional analysis: Identify for your gene set shared attributes (Gene Ontology, Expression pattern, Disease association, etc.)
  • Bioknowledge Transfer: Assign predictive functions to uncharacterized protein sequences
  • Pathway Visualization: Explore canonical signaling and metabolic pathways or build, based on curated relationships, custom networks, and overlay them with known disease and drug associations
  • Network analysis: Identify networks enriched with members of your gene set

Access for database search does not require a personal username and password. But users will need to create a personal account to save data and to use the included tools.