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Exhibit: Nurses

October 2, 2012 - 1:53pm by Susan Wheeler

On view in the Hallway September 22 through January 14, 2013. Nurses Selected from the Historical Medical Poster Collection and the Collection of Prints and Drawings Dan Smith, U.S.A. 20th century Complete Your Education Then Come With Me  c. 1917-1918 Purchased through the John F. Fulton Fund 2010 John Mills U.S.A. active 20th century Help! c.1917-1918 Purchased through the Kent Ellis Fund 2008 F. Samuels Brummer U.S.A. 20th century Take a Red Cross Home Nursing Course c. 1943-1945 Purchased through the John F. Fulton Fund 2010 Doctors are Scarce 1943 for the Office of War Information Purchased through the Kent Ellis Fund 2010

Exhibit: Food and Nutrition Posters

July 5, 2012 - 3:32pm by Susan Wheeler

On view June 22through September 17 in the Medical Library Foyer.     Avoid Fatigue: Eat a Lunch that Packs a Punch! 1943 Published by the War Food Administration United States Department of Agriculture Gift of George M. Smith 1943 During World War II, responsible food habits were promoted as a contribution to the war effort by the U.S. government. The Eat to Beat the Devil series published in 1942 by Servel, Inc., makers of the gas refrigerator, fostered the idea of “eating for victory” and promoted good nutrition as an expression of patriotism. Eat to Beat the Devil 1942   Published by Servel, Inc. Purchased through the John F. Fulton Fund 2007

Exhibit: Grant Wood's "Family Doctor" and More

July 2, 2012 - 2:39pm by Susan Wheeler

"Family Doctor" by Grant Wood and Works by Other Mid 20th Century American Artistson view  June 22-September 17 in the library hallwayGrant Wood's iconic lithograph "Family Doctor," for which he used his personal physician as a model, is currently on view with twelve other prints and drawings by American artists.  "Family Doctor" by Grant Wood, 1940Lithograph"Children's Ward" by Robert Riggs, c.1940Lithograph

Exhibit: Maternity Care in Pictures

June 21, 2012 - 11:58pm by Susan Wheeler

Maternity Care in Pictures:   A Portfolio of 31 Teaching Charts Showing Safe Maternity Care, 1939 Published by the Maternity Center Association on view June 22 through September 17 in the Cushing Rotunda.   This set of small posters, shown in its entirety, was designed for parenting classes, waiting rooms, and formal exhibits.  Many of the posters employed “photomontage” which combined a photographic image with a drawn background—a “modern” graphic technique which served to reinforce the “modern” message.  The Maternity Center Association in New York developed the first classes for expectant parents as part of comprehensive maternity services.   In 1938, it offered the first classes for fathers.  The well- worn set was transferred in 2009 to the Historical Library from the open stacks where it was spotted by a member of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Services.  The set is now quite rare--one of four in World Cat, the largest public access online library catalog. This set is available online in the Cushing\Whitney Medical Digital Library.

U.S. Food Administration Posters from World War I

October 10, 2011 - 3:53pm by Susan Wheeler

On View in the Library Corridor through January 6Selections from the Historical CollectionsL.C. Clinker and M.J. DwyerDon’t Waste Food While Others Starve! c.1918Lithograph printed by Heywood Strasser and Voight Lithograph Company, New York, for the U.S. Food AdministrationPurchased through the Lucia P. Fulton Fund 2010Harvey T. Dunn U.S.A. 1884-1952Victory is a Question of Stamina, 1917Lithograph printed by Latham Lithograph and Printing Company, Brooklyn, New York for the U. S. Food AdministrationPurchased through the Lucia P. Fulton Fund 2010

Anti-Drug and AIDS Awareness Posters

October 10, 2011 - 3:20pm by Susan Wheeler

Anti-Drug and AIDS Awareness Posters from the 1980’s and 1990’sOn View in the Library Foyer through January 6Selections from the Historical CollectionsAndrej PagowskiPolish b. 1953                Narkotyki to gówno [Drugs are Shit]                Published for Fundacja Wspierania Tworzcosci, Kultury i Sztuke                ARS [Foundation for Supportof Culture, Art, and Creativity]                Purchased through the Madeline E. Stanton Fund 2008 GANG (a New York art collective)after Leo Burnett (creator of the Marlboro Man, 1954)AIDS CrisisWarning:  While Bush spends billions playing cowboy, 37 million North Americans don’t have health insurance.  A North American dies of AIDS every eight minutes.Published by ACT UP 1990Purchased through the John F. Fulton Fund 2005
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