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Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences – New Resource

Oct 10, 2011

This new resource is a collection of e-books; it consists of 50-100 page electronic books.  Colloquium titles are dynamic presentations which synthesize an important research or development topic, written by scientists in the field for graduate students to researchers.  Colloquium covers cell and molecular biology and biomedicine and offers added synthesis, analysis and depth than journal articles making it a useful resource for students and researchers examining advances in another discipline... Read More

Persian Manuscript Note Cards

Aug 24, 2011

Harvey Cushing’s prized book collection contains several Arabic and Persian manuscripts.  Faraḥ nāmah by al-Muṭahhar ibn Muḥammad Yazdī, copied in the 17th century from an 11th century manuscript, is a study of natural history, beautifully  illuminated with detailed multicolored illustrations of animals, birds, plants, stones and humans. This manuscript, part of the Medical Historical Library’s collection, has recently been digitized by the Yale-SOAS Islamic Manuscript Gallery project and... Read More

2010 data from Journal Citation Reports

Jun 29, 2011

Interested in impact factors or citation metrics for journals? JCR, Web of Science’s Journal Citation Reports, now has this data available through 2010. If you want metrics for specific articles and authors; h-index or g-index information, or an eigenfactor score, contact one of our librarians. They can show you how to find this information in JCR and in other databases such as Scopus.

Two Hundred Years of Medical Education at Yale

Jun 8, 2011

On October 28, 1810, the Connecticut Legislature approved a charter to create a medical school at Yale.  The Medical Institution of Yale College, now Yale University School of Medicine, was the sixth medical school in the United States.  From a single rented building with five faculty members and no hospital in the state of Connecticut, the Yale School of Medicine, in association with Yale-New Haven Hospital, has grown to become a world-famous center for teaching, research, and clinical... Read More

Cushing Center Tours

May 17, 2011

Have you visited The Cushing Center in the Medical Library yet? There is much to see and discover in the Cushing Center so we invite you to explore.  Each week we offer two tours: Thursday at 2:00 and Friday at 10:00. The tour lasts about one hour.  There is no need to sign up, just come to the Cushing Center. Take the stairway on the right from the Information Room. The Cushing Center is arguably as unique as the collection itself.  Named for 1891 Yale College graduate, Harvey Cushing, M.D.,... Read More

National Library of Medicine Celebrates its 175th Anniversary

May 17, 2011

In 1836, the library of the U.S. Army Surgeon General consisted of a small collection of medical books on one shelf. Today, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is the world’s largest biomedical library. With some 14 million items in more than 150 languages, it is the worldwide leader in trusted medical and health information and innovation. But this unique library is about much more than books. Every day it delivers trillions of bytes of data crucial to the lives of millions everywhere. NLM... Read More

Film Showing at the Medical Library

Apr 27, 2011

If you missed the premiere showing in the Harkness Auditorium in an early April, we invite you to come to the library to view the film about the School of Medicine, created in celebration of the school’s Bicentennial. The half-hour film, by Emmy Award–winning director and producer Karyl Evans, chronicles the rise of the School of Medicine from its origins as the Medical Institution of Yale College in 1810 to its current incarnation as one of the world’s major centers for biomedical research;... Read More


Apr 11, 2011

TOXNET is a cluster of 16 databases covering toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and related areas. It is a rich resource, freely available from the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Some of the databases include: HSDB (Hazardous Substances Data Bank) CCRIS (Chemical Carinogenesis Research Information System) ITER (International Toxicity Estimates for Risk) TOXLINE (Toxicology Literature Online) DART/ETIC (Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology /Environmental Teratology... Read More

Update on Mobile Device Apps

Apr 11, 2011

New applications and enhancements to old apps are coming faster than ever.  Premium versions of Epocrates and the free Medscape app are now available for Androids.  Versions of popular online resources including AccessMedicine and Stat!Ref are now available for mobile devices.  Micromedex Drug Information is a great new resource available for all Apple devices.  An iPad-optimized UCentral is now available for download.  For more details on these and other mobile device... Read More