2016/17 Annual Report

8 January 2018 - 10:19am by Katie Hart

We are pleased to present the 2016/17 Annual Report of the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library.

The library provides access to an extensive array of information resources and tools, offers research assistance and expertise, and delivers meaningful services to our users, to support innovation and excellence in biomedical research, patient care, and the development of scholars and future leaders in healthcare. This report documents some of the ways the library has worked to fulfill its mission.

Please do not hesitate to contact the library if you have any questions regarding the initiatives the library has been working on, or if you recognize emerging opportunities that would benefit from the library’s participation and expertise.

New Resource Alert: Try BMJ Learning free until Feb. 16th!

5 January 2018 - 3:36pm by Caitlin Meyer

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library is always searching for the newest and most useful resources to license for our users. We're considering subscribing to BMJ Learning and would love your input -- sign up for an account today and let us know how you like it!

BMJ Learning offers evidence-based continuing medical education resources for everyone in the healthcare community from undergraduate medical students to attending physicians. The platform is composed of hundreds of peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video, and audio formats on topics ranging from foundational competencies to advanced surgical skills. 

Most modules take about an hour to complete, but you can work through them at your own pace in multiple sessions through your personalized homepage. After you successfully complete a module, you can print a certificate and the completion details populate in your BMJ Portfolio. 

Examples of modules you will encounter on the platform include: 

  • The “hospital presentation” series, which allows you to learn about a topic through a specific case scenario
  • The 10-minute “quick tips” series, brief modules on topics ranging from treating patients with excessive ear wax to head lice to how scarlet fever presents
  • The progressive “practical skills” series, with basic and advanced levels across most specialties
  • The “medical education” series, which offers modules on topics like dealing with conflict, communication skills, public speaking, writing a CV, and interviewing skills

To get started, head to BMJ Learning’s homepage and click register. To register, you’ll need to be connected to Yale Secure, the YNHH network, or the VPN. After you register, you’ll be able to access the platform from anywhere. 

The trial runs through February 16th.

Let us know how you like it!
Contact Andy Hickner with feedback. 

New year, new classes! Check out our new PubMed and EndNote workshops

5 January 2018 - 2:55pm by Caitlin Meyer

We’ve offered PubMed and EndNote classes for years, but this year we’re trying something new to make our workshops as efficient and productive as possible!


We realize that our different user groups use the same products in very different ways. Residents and attending physicians may need quick answers to clinical questions whereas students writing their theses may need a more comprehensive search of the literature. We also realize everybody is very busy and 60 minutes are hard to find. To meet these needs, we’ve created two new 30 minute PubMed classes: PubMed for Clinicians and PubMed for Research. Both classes are followed by an optional half-hour hands-on session where attendees can work through their own questions or provided examples. 


Despite offering the same functionality, EndNote looks very different on Apple computers and PCs. To address these discrepancies and make learning basic EndNote tasks easier, we’ve split the introductory class into two: EndNote for Mac and EndNote for PC. Attendees can bring their own computers to become familiar with the interface and create a functioning, organized library by the end of the class. For advanced users, we’ve created a retooled Advanced EndNote class where attendees will fill out a survey prior to the class that lets the instructors cater each session to the needs and questions of the people in the room. No two sessions will be alike!


Check out the class calendar for upcoming workshops. 

Are you interested in attending a library workshop and can’t make it to 333 Cedar St.? Let us know, and we can schedule something for your group at your location. 

Library hours and services during winter recess

21 December 2017 - 12:12pm by Andy Hickner

The library will be open for very limited hours during Yale's recess.
The following services will be unavailable December 26-29: 
  • Desk Passes

  • Place requests, retrieval, searching services 
  • Recalls

  • Eli Express and Borrow Direct requests

  • Fine payments

  • Access to “My Library Account”

  • Registration Office services 
Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our systems. If you require assistance, please inquire at circulation desk. 

Help us improve our web interfaces! (And get $10 to spend at Blue State Coffee)

20 December 2017 - 11:45am by Andy Hickner

Cushing/Whitney Medical Library's User Experience Group is recruiting volunteers for website user testing and other website-related quality improvement activities.    

What it involves: 10-15 minute private session.  Typically this will include:

  • A short interview;
  • A series of simple tasks we will ask you to attempt using the website; and
  • A couple of follow-up questions.  

As a thank you for your time and help, we will reward you with a $10 gift card to Blue State Coffee. 

Your responses will be confidential and your name will not be recorded.  Our activities have been reviewed and declared exempt by Yale's IRB.

Contact Andy Hickner at or 785-3969 to schedule an appointment or to learn more. 

Resource Spotlight: Pharmaprojects

15 December 2017 - 10:05am by Caitlin Meyer

Welcome to Resource Spotlight! The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library provides access to an incredible array of databases, e-book collections, software and more. In this series of posts, we’ll be showcasing highlights from our collection.

In this edition of Resource Spotlight, we’ll be looking at Pharmaprojects. Pharmaprojects is a web-based database of drugs developed worldwide since 1980 and monitoring information on new drugs currently in research and development. 

Pharmaprojects offers a wide range of information and services to researchers at Yale, including: 

  • Information and updates about new drugs as they progress through the commercial pharmaceutical research and development process
  • Tracking information as new drugs are tested in clinical trials 
  • Multiple ways to explore drug development such as by therapeutic class status, disease, company, country, mechanism of action, biological target, delivery route, or chemical structure 
  • Highly customizable automated alerts to follow the status of an individual drugs or diseases
  • Exportable data to manipulate and analyze
  • Individualized research help with the “Ask the Analyst” feature

Pharmaprojects is available to Yale affiliates through the VPN, YNHH affiliates through the proxy server and everybody on the YaleSecure WiFi network. The first time you visit the resource, you’ll need to create an account with your Yale credentials. 

Start exploring Pharmaprojects here.

For questions on how to best use Pharmaprojects, feel free to contact Biomedical Sciences Research Support Librarian Rolando Garcia-Milian

Upcoming Talk: The Gender Gap in Early Career Transitions in the Life Sciences

6 December 2017 - 10:43am by Kate Nyhan

The Gender Gap in early career transitions in the life sciencesSCOPA welcomes librarians, researchers, and students to a forum with Dr. Marc Lerchenmueller. Marc has published in PLoS One and Harvard Business Review on the gender gap in the life sciences, using bibliometric and funding data to investigate the science of science.

“The gender gap in early career transitions in the life sciences” – Marc Lerchenmueller
SHM B145
Thursday, December 14, 9-10AM
Register at

And if you're interested in bibliometrics, scientometrics, and altmetrics, read up on it in our collection and consult your medical librarian!



New Book for the Humanities in Medicine Collection

3 December 2017 - 8:56pm by Alyssa Grimshaw

Check out the newest book in the Humanities in Medicine Collection, Lindsey Fitzharris’s The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister’s Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine.

Cover Art for the The Butchering Art by Lindsey Fitzharris. Image depicts a Victorian period surgery..


Excerpt from the book cover:

The gripping story of how Joseph Lister’s antiseptic method changed medicine forever

In The Butchering Art, the historian Lindsey Fitzharris reveals the shocking world of nineteenth-century surgery on the eve of profound transformation. She conjures up early operating theaters―no place for the squeamish―and surgeons, working before anesthesia, who were lauded for their speed and brute strength. These medical pioneers knew that the aftermath of surgery was often more dangerous than their patients’ afflictions, and they were baffled by the persistent infections that kept mortality rates stubbornly high. At a time when surgery couldn’t have been more hazardous, an unlikely figure stepped forward: a young, melancholy Quaker surgeon named Joseph Lister, who would solve the deadly riddle and change the course of history.

Fitzharris dramatically recounts Lister’s discoveries in gripping detail, culminating in his audacious claim that germs were the source of all infection―and could be countered by antiseptics. Focusing on the tumultuous period from 1850 to 1875, she introduces us to Lister and his contemporaries―some of them brilliant, some outright criminal―and takes us through the grimy medical schools and dreary hospitals where they learned their art, the deadhouses where they studied anatomy, and the graveyards they occasionally ransacked for cadavers.

Eerie and illuminating, The Butchering Art celebrates the triumph of a visionary surgeon whose quest to unite science and medicine delivered us into the modern world.

Want to know more about this book? Here is the link to the New York Times Book Review by Jennifer Senior:


Humanities in Medicine Collection is located across from the Circulation Desk.

Resource Spotlight: AccessMedicine

15 November 2017 - 11:24am by Caitlin Meyer

Resource Spotlight: AccessMedicine header image

Welcome to our new series, Resource Spotlight! The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library provides access to an incredible array of databases, e-book collections, software and more. In this series of posts, we’ll be showcasing highlights from our collection. 

In this edition of Resource Spotlight, we’ll be looking at AccessMedicine. Produced by publisher McGraw-Hill, AccessMedicine is part of a robust family of resources including AccessAnesthesiology, AccessEmergency, AccessPediatrics, and AccessSurgery

AccessMedicine is a great tool for students, residents, and faculty alike:

  • Online access to more than 80 medical textbooks, such as Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, The Color Atlas of Family Medicine, and Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine
  • Multimedia library with examination videos, patient safety modules, procedural videos, and more
  • Exam preparation tools for board certification and Step 3 including Graber and Wilbur’s Family Medicine Examination & Board Review and large question banks with detailed answers
  • Tools to help your practice such as the Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, the differential diagnosis tool Diagnosaurus, and an integrated drug database in English and Spanish
  • Patient education resources on thousands of topics in many languages

AccessMedicine is available to Yale affiliates through the VPN, YNHH affiliates through the proxy server, and everybody on the YaleSecure WiFi network.

On a desktop, you can get to AccessMedicine here. On mobile, you can download the AccessMedicine iPad application from the App Store or simply use your internet browser to explore the fully functional and responsive mobile version of the site. 

For questions on how to best use AccessMedicine, feel free to contact Clinical Librarian Alexandria "Lexi" Brackett.

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